5 Scholarships for Venezuela – Oregon State University

5 Scholarships for Venezuela – Oregon State University

The OSU150 Regional Award is open to residents of Venezuela of any nationality. Students must meet the requirements for the Undergraduate Pathway program. Students will start the degree in the INTO OSU International Year One Pathway program to assist with a smooth and successful start to their undergraduate career before moving into the Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. The regional award is for $10,000 per year* to a total of $40,000 over the four years of the undergraduate degree. This regional award celebrates diversity on the OSU campus. These awards also celebrate the 10th Anniversary of INTO OSU – 10 years of empowering international students to succeed in and contribute to a global community.


«200.000 USD in scholarships gave away just for been Venezuelan»


The first 5 students who meet early entry requirements and who confirm their place for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 will qualify for these special anniversary awards. Award recipients will serve as OSU student ambassadors. Students need to maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA) to receive the award each year. For more information, email info@estudiemas.com


«if your horizons are the United States of America, think on this»



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