En este momento estás viendo Buenas noticias para los estudiantes de postgrado en Newcastle University!

Buenas noticias para los estudiantes de postgrado en Newcastle University!

«We have some good news to share with you»

La oficina internacional de Newcastle University nos comenta que esta destacada universidad ha sido elegida por la autoridad de inmigración británica para probar el nuevo programa de extension de visados para quedarse a trabajar en Reino Unido luego del masters degree.

Aqui un extracto del comunicado: «We have some good news to share with you. Newcastle University is one of a small number of UK universities selected to be part of the UK government’s Tier 4 visa pilot. When students apply for a visa to study an eligible postgraduate programme at Newcastle University, they will get six months’ leave to stay in the UK after their course ends. We’ve attached a list of the eligible courses to this email.  This will be useful for students who want to take an internship, look for a job with a Tier 2 sponsor, or do more sightseeing in the UK following their studies.»

Aprovecha esta gran oportunidad para continuar tus estudios en Reino Unido y abrir nuevos horizontes en una de las mayores economías del globo.

Newcastle University. Eligible Master’s courses for the Tier 4 visa pilot. September 2018 and January 2019. (list)

 Accounting, Finance and Strategic Investment MSc
 Advanced Architectural Design MSc
 Advanced Computer Science MSc
 Ageing and Health MRes
 Agricultural and Environmental Science MSc
 Animal Behaviour MRes
 Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA
 Applied Linguistics Research MA
 Applied Process Control MSc
 Archaeology MA
 Archaeology MLitt
 Art Museum and Gallery Studies MA
 Arts, Business and Creativity MA
 Automation and Control MSc
 Banking and Finance MSc
 Banking and Finance MSc (London campus)
 Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management MSc
 Bioinformatics MSc
 Biomedical Engineering MSc
 Biotechnology and Business Enterprise MRes
 British History MA
 Cancer MRes
 Cardiovascular Science in Health and Disease MRes
 Cell Signalling in Health and Disease MRes
 Chemical Engineering MSc
 Chemistry MSc
 Chinese Studies MLitt
 Classics and Ancient History MA
 Classics MLitt
 Clean Technology MSc
 Clinical Linguistics and Evidence Based Practice (Research) MSc
 Clinical Research/Clinical Research (Leadership) MClinRes

 Cloud Computing for Big Data Mres
 Cloud Computing MSc
 Communications and Signal Processing MSc
 Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics MSc
 Computational Systems Biology MSc
 Computer Game Engineering MSc
 Computer Science MSc
 Computer Security and Resilience MSc
 Creative Arts Practice MA
 Creative Writing MA
 Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics MA
 Cross-Cultural Communication and Education MA
 Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management MA
 Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing MA
 Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations MA
 Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA
 Cross-Cultural Communication MA
 Design and Manufacturing Engineering MSc
 Diabetes MRes
 Digital Civics MRes
 Drug Chemistry MSc
 E-Business (E-Marketing) MSc
 E-Business (Information Systems) MSc
 E-Business MSc
 Ecological Consultancy MSc
 Education Research MA
 Education: International Perspectives (Leadership and Management) MA
 Education: International Perspectives (Teaching and Learning) MA

Eligible courses for the Tier 4 visa pilot
 Education: International Perspectives (Technology in Education) MA
 Electrical Power MSc
 Embedded Systems and Internet of Things (ES-IoT) MSc
 Engineering Geology MSc
 English Language and/or Linguistics MLitt
 English Literature MA
 English Literature MLitt
 Environmental and Petroleum Geochemistry MSc
 Environmental Consultancy MSc
 Environmental Engineering MSc
 Environmental Regulation and Sustainable Development LLM
 Environmental Resource Assessment MSc
 Epidemiology MRes
 European History MA
 European Union Studies MA
 Evolution and Human Behaviour MRes
 Film Studies MLitt
 Film: Theory and Practice MA
 Finance and Economics (Research) MA
 Finance MSc
 Flood Risk Management MSc
 Food and Rural Development Research MSc
 Forensic Psychology MSc
 Foundations in Clinical Psychology MSc
 French MLitt
 Geotechnical Engineering MSc
 German MLitt
 Global Human Resource Management MSc
 Global Public Health MSc
 Health Services Research MSc
 Heritage Studies MA
 Heritage, Museums and Galleries MLitt
 History MA
 History MLitt
 History of Medicine MA
 Human Geography Research MA
 Hydrogeology and Water Management MSc
 Hydroinformatics MSc
 Hydrology and Climate Change MSc

 Immunobiology MRes
 Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc
 Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc
 International Business Law LLM
 International Business Management MSc
 International Business Management MSc (London campus)
 International Development and Education MA
 International Development and Education with Cross Cultural Communication MA
 International Economics and Finance MSc
 International Financial Analysis MSc
 International Law LLM
 International Marine Environmental Consultancy (IMEC) MSc
 International Marketing MSc
 International Marketing MSc (London campus)
 International Multimedia Journalism MA
 International Political Economy MA
 International Politics (Critical Geopolitics) MA
 International Politics (Global Justice and Ethics) MA
 International Politics (Globalisation, Poverty and Development) MA
 International Relations MA
 International Spatial Planning MSc
 Interpreting MA
 Japanese Studies MLitt
 Landscape Architecture Studies MA
 Latin American Studies MLitt
 Law and Society (Legal Research) LLM
 Law LLM
 Linguistics (with specialist pathways in English Language, Language Acquisition, and European Languages) MA
 Local and Regional Development (Research) MA
 Management and Business Studies (Research) MA
 Marine Ecosystems and Governance MRes
 Marine Engineering MSc

 Marine Transport Management MSc
 Master of Business Administration MBA
 Materials Design and Engineering MSc
 Mechanical Engineering MSc
 Mechatronics MSc
 Media and Journalism MA
 Media and Public Relations MA
 Media and Society (Research) MA
 Medical and Molecular Biosciences MRes
 Medical Education MMedEd
 Medical Genetics MRes
 Medical Sciences MSc
 Microelectronics MSc
 Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine MRes
 Molecular Microbiology MRes
 Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) MRes
 Museum Studies MA
 Music MLitt
 Music Mmus
 Naval Architecture MSc
 Neuromuscular Diseases MRes
 Neuroscience MRes
 Offshore Engineering MSc
 Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc
 Organic Farming and Food Production Systems MSc
 Philosophy MLitt
 Pipeline Engineering MSc
 Planning and Environment Research MA
 Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change MSc
 Politics (Research) MA
 Portuguese MLitt
 Power Distribution Engineering MSc
 Professional Translation for European Languages MA
 Public Health and Health Services Research MSc
 Public Health MPH
 Quantitative Finance and Risk Management MSc
 Regional Development and Spatial Planning MA
 Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX) MSc

 Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management (REEM) MSc
 Social Science and Health Research MSc
 Sociolinguistics (Research) MA
 Sociology and Social Research MA
 Sociology MA
 Spanish MLitt
 Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine MRes
 Structural Engineering MSc
 Subsea Engineering and Management MSc
 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security MRes
 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security MSc
 Sustainable Buildings and Environments MSc
 Sustainable Chemical Engineering MSc
 Sustainable Transport Engineering MSc
 Synthetic Biology MSc
 Systems Biology MRes
 Technology in the Marine Environment MRes
 Town Planning MSc
 Toxicology MRes
 Translating MA
 Translation Studies MA
 Translation Studies MLitt
 Translational Medicine and Therapeutics MRes
 Transplantation MRes
 Transport Planning and Business Management MSc
 Transport Planning and Engineering MSc
 Transport Planning and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) MSc
 Transport Planning and Modelling MSc
 Transport Planning and the Environment MSc
 Urban Design MA
 Urban Energy Technology and Policy MRes
 Urban Planning MSc
 Wildlife Management MSc
 World Politics and Popular Culture MA


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